Entering the tomb, this demon used to make relation with the dead people, one day such a dreadful incident happened that...

Entering the tomb, this demon used to make relation with the dead people, one day such a dreadful incident happened that...

About six years ago today, such a case came to the fore, which shook the people. This incident had ended the difference between man and animal. People had caught a person who had not only committed a crime but also did such a shameful act that people's heart trembled. We are talking about the male vampire of Pakistan, who raped about 50 dead women.

The man was working in the cemetery for 15 years

Mohammad Riaz, a resident of Sargodha, Pakistan, used to work in a cemetery in Karachi to give water to the graves for about 15 years. During this, he raped the dead bodies of about 50 women present in the cemetery. One of his companions, Vajira, was also involved in this work. He also worked in the same cemetery, but he died.

Relationship with two dead even after the death of partner

When the reporter of a TV channel talked to this male vampire who had reached behind the bars, he told many shocking things. Riyaz said, "I and Vajira together raped 48 dead women, and even after Vazira's death, I had physical relations with two more dead."

'First the companions used to descend in the grave, then I'

Riyaz had told that when the dead bodies used to come to the graveyard and people used to leave after burying them, then we used to dig the grave again and remove the slave from the foot and make the face black. He used to descend in the grave first, then I would go. At the same time, when he was asked how he used to recognize whether a dead man is a man or a woman, he told that the veils are put on the women while they are buried, by this we used to identify.

The light was coming out of the eyes of the dead

Riyaz had told that he had raped two more dead women after the death of fellow Wazira. The last time he entered the tomb, he saw that the woman's mouth was open, her teeth were visible and light was coming out of her eyes. He ran away in fear and people caught him. Let me tell you, only after this it was fully revealed that he was committing atrocities with dead women along with his partner for the last several years.

BCCI gives its ticket rights for T20 World Cup 2021 to ECB and OC

BCCI gives its ticket rights for T20 World Cup 2021 to ECB and OC

The BCCI informed the members at the Apex Council meeting that the board has transferred its ticket rights for the T20 World Cup to the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) and Oman Cricket (OC). The ECB and OC will retain all revenue generated from the sale of match tickets.

The BCCI is paying the ECB a fixed fee of about Rs 11.06 million (US$ 1.5 million) and operating costs of about Rs 40.53 million (US$ 5.5 million) which will be covered by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Will go A Local Organizing Committee (LoC) has been constituted for the event which mainly consists of BCCI staff and some ECB employees. A BCCI official said that the board is organizing six matches in Muscat. The board is giving about 20.95 million rupees (400000 US dollars) to Oman Cricket.

Let us tell you that the T20 World Cup 2021 was earlier to be held in India, but in view of the condition of the Kovid-19 epidemic here, it was decided to jointly organize it in UAE and Oman. IPL 2021 is currently being organized in UAE and right after that i.e. T20 World Cup 2021 will start from 19th October. 

This time India has to play the first match in the World Cup against Pakistan on 24 October. India has been placed in Group B where apart from it there are teams from Afghanistan, Pakistan and New Zealand. The entry of two other teams in Group B will take place after the qualification round. This time a total of 12 teams will compete for the title win. India also have to play warm-up matches against England and Australia before playing the first league match against Pakistan.