Dirty photos of old girlfriends started selling one million jobs, first meeting in train

Dirty photos of old girlfriends started selling one million jobs, first meeting in train

This man used to earn around 1 lakh rupees every month as salary. Despite having such a thick salary, it started selling dirty pictures of his own ex-girlfriend for 10-20 rupees. The victim is from Noida. Many surprising things came to light when the area manager of a well-known company brought the police from West Bengal to Noida.

Woman lodged complaint: Actually, on May 3, in a Noida police station, the victim had filed a case saying that some of her pornographic pictures and videos are being uploaded on dirty websites. After the victim's complaint, the police started an intensive investigation using their technical team to find out. It was soon revealed that the video games and photos of the girl were uploaded on dirty websites and earning from the e-wallet was going on. It was also revealed that 3 people are involved in this abominable work.

Police went to West Bengal in lockdown: Police gathered information about these three people and approached the victim. He told the police that one of them had been his old boyfriend and lived in Baruipur in West Bengal. Now the challenge before the police was that how could they catch this young man in lockdown by going to Kolkata about 1500 km away?

It is being told that when the police team reached Kolkata from Noida, they had to first investigate Corona there. The police team also resided here in Quarantine. After the quarantine time was over, the Noida police team reached out to the accused youth in collaboration with the local police.

The first meeting was in the train: The police took the accused youth to Noida and then the whole case was busted. It was learned that the accused youth works as an area manager in a reputed company and his monthly salary is 1 lakh rupees. The young man is currently posted in Kolkata.

About 4 years ago, the accused and the girl met in a train. The conversation started in the train and then both gave their mobile numbers to each other. The physical relationship between the two also formed during the 4 years. During this, the young man also made dirty pictures and videos of the girl.

Wanted to avenge the breakup: It was revealed that there was a fight between the girl and her boyfriend over something and they broke up after 4 years. The girl was also married to another young man. The young man confessed to the police that he conspired to defame him to avenge his ex-girlfriend after the breakup.

The young man uploaded a number of dirty pictures and videos of the ex girlfriend on the dirty website and earned Rs 10-20 in return. However, the police has now arrested the accused manager for uploading dirty pictures of his ex-girlfriend. . Police suspect that some of his other companions are also involved in the game, who are now being searched.