9 hospitals refused to enroll due to non-timely treatment in Delhi-NCR, due to Coronavirus Pandemic

9 hospitals refused to enroll due to non-timely treatment in Delhi-NCR, due to Coronavirus Pandemic

A third death has occurred in Delhi NCR in recent times due to lack of timely treatment. In fact, a woman from Ghaziabad had trouble breathing for a long time. When the condition of the woman worsened, the woman's family took her to the hospital, but the family members alleged that nine hospitals in Delhi NCR refused to admit the patient. Eventually, the woman died while undergoing treatment at Meerut Medical College.

According to the news, Mamta Devi, a woman resident of Pratap Vihar in Khoda, had a respiratory disease for a long time and her lungs were flooded. When the condition worsened on Saturday morning, the woman's son and some other relatives took him to a large hospital in Delhi, where he was asked to go to another hospital, saying that the beds were not empty.

According to TOI news, the woman's son told that after that he went to three other big hospitals in Delhi but the beds were said to be empty at all places. The family of the woman says that she also went to Noida's Metro and Kailash Hospital with the patient. But at both places they were asked whether they had done the patient's coronavirus test? Because without this he would not admit the patient.

After this, the family reached the MMG Hospital in Ghaziabad with the woman. From where the woman was given some injections, which made her condition better. After which he came home. The woman's son says that during this time, he also took information in hospitals in Vaishali, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, but there was no mention of empty beds.

The next day when the woman's condition deteriorated again, the family took her to a government hospital in Delhi. The woman was admitted there but then asked to be taken to another hospital. After this, the family went back to MMG Hospital with the woman, where the woman was referred to Meerut Medical after the condition deteriorated. The woman died on Sunday during medical treatment in Meerut.

Let us know that recently a pregnant woman living in Khoda also died due to lack of timely treatment. The family of the woman also visited 8 hospitals in Noida-Ghaziabad, but the woman was not admitted anywhere. Similarly, a girl was not admitted by the hospitals citing lack of beds, which also led to her death.