Prioritise lucrative cricket albeit county takes a backburner when sport returns: Nasser Hussain

Prioritise lucrative cricket albeit county takes a backburner when sport returns: Nasser Hussain

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has urged the britain and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to prioritise lucrative sorts of cricket, including The Hundred and international matches, when cricket returns after the continued Covid-19 crisis.

Nasser Hussain said so as to minimise the damage to stakeholders within the cricket community the ECB should check out hosting popular sorts of cricket albeit meaning the county championships take a backseat.

The ECB has suspended all professional cricket activities within the country until May 28 thanks to the novel coronavirus outbreak. consistent with reports, the ECB is watching a curtailed season and there's a growing possibility that the cricket board chooses to not plow ahead with the County Championship.

Uncertainty prevails over the inaugural edition of The Hundred -- the 100-ball tournament between city-based teams in England. The tournament is scheduled to be played between July 17 and Assumption .

The global sporting calendar has been jolted by the novel coronavirus outbreak with several high-profile events, including the Tokyo Olympics, being either postponed or cancelled.

"If and when cricket does come this year, it's to prioritise the foremost popular and lucrative sorts of the sport , whether that's internationals, T20 Blast or the Hundred, because the sport isn't tolerably off to try to to anything ," Nasser Hussain was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail.

"If meaning the County Championship is placed on the rear burner, so be it. q and to play as late as possible within the summer and even early autumn."

Nasser Hussain also conceded that sport is irrelevant during this time of crisis but said it should be as soon as possible, given the role it plays in numerous lives.

The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating, consistent with the planet Health Organisation and most countries have imposed various sorts of lockdowns and closed borders. As of Annunciation , quite 425,000 people are infected by the virus and quite 18,900 have lost their lives thanks to Covid-19.

"In the broader scheme of things sport is in fact irrelevant and there are much more important things to stress about at this point , but it's amazing how big a task sport plays in numerous lives and that we want sport back as soon as possible," Hussain said.

Hussain also warned against rushing things within the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and urged that safety and healthiness is that the priority at the instant .

"So, if we could give fans something to observe then fine (playing behind closed doors), but it might need to be when it's absolutely safe to try to to so because it might only take one player to contract the virus and it might all be pack up again quickly," Hussain said.