ICC approves Covid-19 Substitute; 5 runs to be given to other teams on use of saliva; But decision to hang on T20 World Cup

ICC approves Covid-19 Substitute; 5 runs to be given to other teams on use of saliva; But decision to hang on T20 World Cup

The International Cricket Committee (ICC) has made several changes in the rules due to the worldwide epidemic Kovid-19. It has banned the use of saliva on the ball, fearing an outbreak of coronavirus infection. It was recommended by the ICC Cricket Committee headed by former captain of the Indian cricket team Anil Kumble. However, the ICC has not yet taken any formal decision on the future of the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November. It is believed that discussions in this regard will be held in the board meeting on Wednesday.

Not only this, if a player uses saliva on the ball, then the team will also be fined. According to ICC rules, the umpire will warn the player who uses saliva twice. The ICC has also made it clear that every team will get two warnings in every innings. Even after that, if any of his players use the ball on saliva, then the opponent team will be given 5 runs extra.

However, the ICC has left the decision on the respective boards for how many times the players will test during a series or tour. It is not clear in the ICC guidelines that the players will have the Kovid-19 Test before every match or before the series starts. The Times of India quoted ICC sources as saying that the respective boards have to act according to their governments' instructions. Actually, different governments will run according to their testing policy at a given time.

The ICC has also given all teams the option of Covid-19 Replacement. If a player shows signs of coronavirus during a test match, the team will be able to field another player instead. It is exactly the same as the other player playing when the player gets hurt. The match referee will decide who will replace the removed player. The Kovid-19 replacement rule will not apply in ODIs and T20s.

Apart from this, the ICC has also approved the non-neutral Umpires of domestic matches. Till now, the ICC's rule was that domestic umpires are not appointed in matches, but this rule has been lifted for the time being in view of Coronavirus. The ICC will now appoint the umpires, match officials of the host country for any match.

The ICC has also decided to give an additional DRS Review to all teams. According to the new rule, now all teams will be able to take three reviews in a test match. He will have the right to take two reviews in ODIs and T20s.