Can't believe what other players are doing: Vijay Shankar on competition with Hardik Pandya

Can't believe what other players are doing: Vijay Shankar on competition with Hardik Pandya

Vijay Shankar wouldn't torment himself by thinking that it isn't he but Hardik Pandya, who is Indian team's preferred all-rounder within the white-ball format, because the Tamil Nadu cricketer is focussed at churning out match-winning performances to remain within the mix.

The 29-year-old was a part of India's World Cup campaign but an ankle injury curtail his journey.

Since then, he hasn't been a part of the senior team with Shivam Dube coming in situ of an injured Pandya. Now with a fit-again Pandya back within the mix, the await another national comeback might be longer.

"If it starts affecting me (that Hardik is that the No 1 choice) then i will be able to lose out on games that I even have with me. If I specialise in the games that I even have and have match-winning performances, then my name are going to be there within the circuit (reckoning)," Vijay told PTI during an interview.

"If I perform, people will mention me and if some opportunity arises, i will be able to be stepping into the Indian side. So i can not believe what other players do ," said Vijay, who played 12 ODIs and eight T20Is for India.

Vijay said that he's not watching being a mere survivor within the Indian team but someone who can perform for while .

"My dream isn't just to urge there and be a mere survivor. as long as I excel, am i able to prolong my international career. it is vital for us to be at our greatest once we attend international level."

But for that, the person with 45 first-class games under his belt need a permanent batting position within the Tamil Nadu set-up which might give him a chance to attain more runs.

"Over the years, if you see, I even have batted altogether middle-order slots and adapted to the requirements of the team. However, when people inquire from me what my goal is, I tell them for that i want to possess a hard and fast batting position. If I bat at Number 3 or 4, then only am i able to believe of these goals," he said.

"If i'm always shifting my batting position, then i will be able to only find yourself getting those 30s and 40s," he opined.

World Cup was a golden opportunity and he admitted that Afghanistan game ended up being a missed chance.

"I omitted on two opportunities and one was against Afghanistan (he scored 29). Against West Indies , I got an honest delivery. Before that I had successive 40 plus scores against New Zealand during a tough game and against Australia. Had I converted even one start into an enormous knock, it might are a special story," he rued.

Vijay has an astro-turf wicket on the rooftop of his residence but during lockdown, he didn't hit the nets.

"Usually, I call two or three people that come and bowl or give throwdowns. thanks to the lockdown, I wasn't ready to call anyone so just did my exercises. Hope I can now start training."

A lesser known fact about Vijay is his patronage for Tamil Nadu's physically challenged cricket team, where most of the players are daily wage earners suffering thanks to the lockdown.

"I are the players for the last three years, and this point during lockdown, I helped them with some money in order that they do not go hungry.

"Earlier, I had sponsored the TN physically challenged team with their jerseys and one among them (Sachin Shiva) represented national team for physically challenged. the simplest gift was 'thank you' messages from a number of them," he concluded.