JNU attack: A trail of wanton destruction

JNU attack: A trail of wanton destruction

Shards of glass litter the walkways. Fire extinguishers flung across the ground .

Before the break of day, India Today's Special Investigation Team captured the scene of destruction at the JNU's Sabarmati Hostel.

Evidence of how masked attackers wielding rods and sticks had rampaged through the campus was everywhere.

Shoes lay scattered outside the dorm rooms as a lady PhD student, Geeta, took the SIT through the dimly-lit corridors at around 3 am Monday.

"They ran amuck everywhere the boys' hostel, but spared the rooms of ABVP students," she said, her voice sombre.

The masked thugs had wrecked the Sabarmati Hostel of the distinguished Nehru University, leaving a multitude of glass pieces, smashed furniture and walls dented with blows from the rods.

The SIT found an identical trail of havoc on the primary floor of the building.

Frightened students recounted how the hoodlums threw them down in murderous attempts.

Santosh, a PhD student, told the SIT that the assailants first hit him with rods then hurled him down on the bottom floor. "I have just had my MLC (medico-legal case) done."

The attackers stormed the hostel's common dining hall when students were having their meals. Tables were overturned, students assaulted and dishes were strewn on the bottom .

The JNU's students' union has accused the ABVP of involvement within the raid.