Google Maps causing domestic rift, alleges Tamil Nadu man in police complaint

Google Maps causing domestic rift, alleges Tamil Nadu man in police complaint

Imagine a scenario where the omnipresent Google turns into your enemy? A resident of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu , K Chandrashekhar seems to think so. He describes Google Maps to be his "biggest enemy". Such is that the extent of his hatred that Chandrashekhar has now decided to file a police complaint against the tech giant.

In his complaint, Chandrashekhar is alleging that Google Maps has been showing his previous locations in places he never visited even once. This, claims the 49-year-old, has caused disharmony in his domestic household.

My wife tracks my movements using Google Maps and questions me supported the app's inputs and this has led to a significant crisis in my personal life, Chandrashekhar says. He further adds that misinformation on the a part of Google Maps has led to emotional difficulties, family problems, violence and even torture.

Owner of a flowery shop, Chandrashekar approached local police in Nagapattinam district's Mayiladuthurai with a complaint. He has alleged that his wife has been tracking his movements using the 'Your Timeline' feature on Google Maps. This, says Chandrashekhar, has led to domestic problems since the map shows his past locations as places he never visited.

The police are yet to file an FIR on the idea of Chandrashekhar's complaint. Local police officials have decided to counsel the couple before exploring other options.

Meanwhile, Chandrashekar said that his wife believed the tech company's platform quite him and answering her questions has not only led to fights between the couple but it's also caused tension among other members in his family.