Follow your passion: A doctor's guide to affect coronavirus stress

Follow your passion: A doctor's guide to affect coronavirus stress

Twenty-year-old Chandrabali Bose is singing the famous Rabindranath Tagore song Jodi tor daak shuney keu naa ashey almost during a loop. this is often the newest medical prescription she has been given to follow by her psychiatrist.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak in India, she has been facing several anxiety issues and insomnia too.

A student of a renowned college in Kolkata, Chandra felt overwhelmed by the outbreak of the deadly virus and decided to hunt professional help.

She chose to talk to Dr. Avani Tiwari, Senior Psychiatrist of the Metro Hospital, within the Delhi NCR region, as she didn't want to ascertain someone from her city.

As Chandra interacted with Dr. Tiwari, she was advised to try to to something she had forgotten for months. Her passion.

Het psychiatrist advised her to follow her passion. Spend longer reception doing an equivalent . And after Chandra followed the recommendation , she has started feeling the difference.

These are really difficult times that our country goes through. As a student, my sleep cycle is affected and I’m also quite anxious. My college is off, exams are postponed. I can’t consider my studies. And there's the constant stress of my family," she told Dr. Tiwari.

Dr. Tiwari said that the main problems that folks face during this lockdown are anxiety, stress and even insomnia.

She also said that she gets frequent questions like, "Will i buy infected through a newspaper, what percentage times do I even have to scrub my hands?"

She said that a situation like this, which has never been witnessed before, is creating anxiety in most of the people .

She advised, Keep a selected time for news and every one sorts of social media activities which can help reduce stress and anxiety."

Dr. Tiwari isn't just advising students or working professionals but also their parents who add up to the pressure sometimes .

She explained to at least one of her patients, Remember, we waste time on normal working days also. It's alright."

With the countrywide lockdown, that also continues, and economic distress, all those reception face stress and anxiety. The doctors have said that staying calm and composed is that the only thanks to handle the pressure at this point .