Detective arrested in Karnataka turns out to be ISI agent, pictures related to army to the neighboring country's intelligence organization

Detective arrested in Karnataka turns out to be ISI agent, pictures related to army to the neighboring country's intelligence organization

An agent working for Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) was arrested on Monday in a joint action by military intelligence and Karnataka Police. The accused has been identified as Jitendra Singh, a resident of Barmer district of Rajasthan. Accused Jitendra used to send pictures and videos of military bases, firing ranges and activities of the Indian Army to the ISI agent. He used to wear army uniform while making photos and videos.

ISI agent used to send photos, videos and voice messages

After sending photos, videos and voice messages to the ISI agent, Jitendra used to delete. Jitendra Singh came into the trap through a fake Facebook account run by an ISI agent in the name of 'Neha aka Poojaji'. The agent befriends Jitendra, as he posed for his photograph in an army uniform.

Sources said that he came in contact with the ISI agent in 2016. After talking for years, he was asked to send videos, photos and other information with the lure of money. The accused agreed to this. He was paid digitally from various accounts. After the Facebook contact between Neha and Jitendra Singh, the military intelligence started monitoring the account. The IP address of Neha's account was found in Karachi. Jitendra came to Bangalore about two months ago. Here he had described himself as a cloth seller on the sidewalk.

Gas agency operator arrested for spying for ISI

30-year-old Sandeep Kumar, a resident of Narhad village of Jhunjhunu district, the operator of the Indane Company's gas agency, was arrested by the Rajasthan Police Intelligence and Military Intelligence on charges of spying for the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. There is a gas agency in Sandeep's Narhad. He supplies gas cylinders to the army camp nearby. Because of this, he keeps coming and going in the army camp. Taking advantage of this, he has sent the photos and confidential information of the army camp to the ISI. In return, he got money.

To increase the enthusiasm of the students, this school of Madurai took a step towards traditional sports

To increase the enthusiasm of the students, this school of Madurai took a step towards traditional sports

Madurai , a unique attempt to get out of addiction to online games . Due to Corona, online classes have been going on for a long time and it has also brought those children closer to mobile and net, who tried to keep away from mobile. As a result, many children also got caught in the addiction of online games. Model Government Girls Higher Secondary School, located in Ottakadai, Madurai district, has introduced traditional games for its students in order to remove the same students from the addiction of online games and to connect them with the traditional game.

During the lockdown, the school headmistress S. Shashidhara prepared a traditional playground in the school premises by spending out of her own pocket. The way social media has progressed in the last few years, children are also moving ahead. Online classes have brought children closer to mobiles and nets, so that they can continue with their studies. But during the same period students also became addicted to online games. A traditional playground has been prepared in the school with the aim of taking the students out of the addiction of online games. This is happening for the first time in a government school.

During the conversation, the headmistress said that in the last few years, due to mobile, children have gone far away from the traditional game. This step has been taken with the aim of connecting them with traditional sports. This process will also help in inculcating values ​​of the students, improving their concentration and skills. The idea came to me when the renovation work was going on in the schools during the lockdown. The school now has special areas for playing Pallanguzhi, Chess, Thatangal (Sotangal), Neerkodu and Snake-ladder.

He told that due to Corona, the online classes going on for the last one and a half years have affected a lot of students. But now that students are joining traditional sports, there is a marked improvement in them. Every day students in grades IX to XII have library time or a music class and up to 20 children are allowed to play these traditional games during the same time.

They say that
this move of the school is very commendable and I really like to play chess in the open, in the shade of trees, among the birds and with the squirrels in the background. Playing Pallanguzhi is helping to improve our mathematical skills and for us this game is a stress reliever.
-R. Tenmozhi, Class X student

Hand and eye coordination is felt to improve with this type of game and concentration increases. Snakes and ladders indirectly teach us a very valuable lesson. We always have the fear of falling down when we are at a height in it. But with our hard work and efforts, we can go up again. It's not just a game, it's teaching us skills.