Young people are likely to be lonelier, study finds

Young people are likely to be lonelier, study finds

It is a standard perception that loneliness hits at a particular age. That once you reach a stage in life, having lived most of it, you start to feel desolate. But, if recent studies and behavioural patterns are to be believed, loneliness affects everyone no matter their age and, if anything, it's the younger generation that's feeling more isolated lately .

According to a survey conducted by a British international internet-based marketing research firm YouGov, of quite 2,000 UK adults, almost 31 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted feeling lonely often or all the time, compared to the 17 per cent of 55-plus respondents who said they felt an equivalent . The survey also disclosed that while 24 per cent of children said they need suffered from loneliness at some stage, seven per cent people said they felt miserable a day . Interestingly, only two per cent people belonging to the older generation said they felt lonely all of the time.

Throwing light on the findings, YouGov said that this might be due to the various different challenges that children face for the very first time, including moving faraway from a well-known environment in search of a replacement home, getting a replacement job, etc. Also, consistent with the survey, 46 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds find it difficult to form new friends, while, as compared , 28 per cent of older participants feel an equivalent .

Making friends and forging new relationships may be a huge a part of staying happy and mentally healthy. So, if there's something that's stopping people from making these alliances and socializing, it's to be looked into. consistent with the survey, when asked why they might not make new friends, 80 per cent of young participants responded by saying that shyness holds them back, as against 43 per cent of 55-plus participants.

Additionally, around 32 per cent of young adults admitted that not having the sort of hobbies and interests with which to forge new friendships was also a roadblock.