These are the best tips to make the best eye makeup

These are the best tips to make the best eye makeup

All women love to do eye makeup. Different makeup detailing is done on the eyes according to the party or office, everywhere. In such a situation, it is very important to know how you can improve your eye makeup.

Neutral shadow-  Neutral shadow eye makeup is also a great eye makeup. A thick streak of brown, rich copper, brick eyeliner can be applied on the eye lid above the eyes. This will give you a stunning look. Along with that, spreading eyeshadows under the eyes and above the eyelids adds to your looks.

Pretty Green-  Pretty green eye makeup is very trendy. This is the most suitable makeup for night parties. The green shade suits any party-wear. Remove the thin line from the kajal, covering the upper and lower outlines of the eyes, from the outside to the corner and then see how four looks in your looks.

Cleopatra-  Cleopatra Eye Makeup is considered to be the best for giving bold and sexy look to eyes. To use it, a thick, dark, shimmer liner bandage up and down 40 degrees above and below both sides of the eye core is used, as well as dark or navy blue colored eyeshadows.

Artistic  Eyeliner - Eyeliner can be used in addition to kajal for black makeup detailing on the eyes. Eyeliner is also trendy. It is also easy to do this in between the everyday running part. It is also a good makeup according to the use of crying in the office.

Party Makeup-  If you want to go to a party during the day, then Gothic Eye Makeup is the most suitable. Gothic makeup enhances the dullness of the eyes. With this, makeup with shimmering purple, dark blue, green, white, or dark gray color is pleasing to the eye. In addition, liquid eyeliner of black, brown or any dark color can also be used along with brown eyeshadow. According to the evening party, it is better to give a smokey look to the eyes.

Simple makeup- The  most suitable for simple eye makeup is the use of kajal or black eyeliner. It does not take much time to do it and even according to going to office, it is very perfect makeup. Apart from kajal, you can also use surma. If you have dark circles near your eyes, you can use a light foundation to hide them.