If you are fond of makeup, then take special care of these things

If you are fond of makeup, then take special care of these things

Girls are generally fond of make-up and need it on many occasions but some people are not even basic knowledge about the right ways to do makeup. In such a situation, makeup not only spoils your looks, but it can also be dangerous for your skin. Makeup is not an easy task and to do it, it is important to pay attention to some important things. Let us tell you what basic things you should keep in mind while doing makeup.

Taking care of the weather and skin-  It is very important to take care of the weather in makeup. Makeup should be done according to these seasons - summer, winter, rain. Apart from this, keep in mind the type of your skin while making up. Do not use makeup that is allergic to your skin, itching. It is very difficult to maintain makeup in summer, so it is better that you do light makeup so that your makeup does not appear to come off when you sweat. In the same winter, many people have dry skin. To take care of this, you should use a moisturizer cream, lotions. At the same time, cosmetic should be used at least in the summer. Powder makeup is suitable for summer.

Do makeup according to the place -  obviously when you go to office, you will not use too much lipstick, nailpaint, foundation colors. If you are going to office, then your makeup should look very light and fresh. For this, you can use a light foundation. Apart from this, use black eye pencil and mascara for eye makeup. It is better to use peach or orange color lipstick. It is better to minimize makeup for the office.

Party  Makeup- For party makeup, it is important to pay attention to lipstick, eye detailing. If there is a party in the evening during summer days, then apply liquid or waterproof foundation. Apart from this, apply powder blusher by applying Compaq on the face. Apart from this, eyedrops should be applied for eyes without cream. Use castor oil to brighten the eyelids.

Other tips- Use  facial cleanser with cotton. Don't forget to apply powder to the face after foundation. Make water-proof makeup in summer. Keep blotting paper with you to remove more makeup. Use oil free foundation only. Make eye makeup plain. Do not forget to remove makeup as soon as the need is met.