Adopt these methods and make your skin and hair healthy

Adopt these methods and make your skin and hair healthy

To keep your hair healthy, never rinse them with warm water and wash your face daily with a gentle face wash. By adopting some such suggestions, you can also make your personality attractive. Shailesh Moolaya, National Creative Director (Hair) of Lakme Salon has given some suggestions in this regard, which are as follows:

The reason for dandruff (dandruff) is due to the low humidity in the air, and an anti-dandruff spa can be taken, which takes care of hair along with removing dandruff. Dandruff can also be eliminated through domestic products.

Washing hair with hot water can break hair, or become dry. Therefore, use lukewarm water. Comb with a brush made of plastic or boar hair. After shampoo, washing your hair with conditioner will also keep your hair soft.

Do not use hairspray with high alcohol content. This can make your hair dry and break. Avoid styling hair like curling (curly) etc. especially in winter.

Strong sunlight, change in weather and cool breeze can reduce the natural moisture in your hair. So, while getting out, cover your hair with a hat or scarf.

To prevent hair breakage and dryness, apply conditioner and hair serum of good company. This will retain moisture in your hair and will not break your hair.

Organic products and vitamins are good for hair. Organic spa is great for hair after oil massage with hair. Using natural products will make your hair stronger and shine.

Apply toner by washing face with gentle face wash everyday. Clean the face before bed and apply moisturizer.

Don't forget to remove makeup before bedtime. Use a makeup remover that is gentle and moisturizer.

It is necessary to apply moisturizer to maintain moisture in the skin. If you find your moisturizer more oily then you can apply water based moisturizer.

Scrub must be done to remove dirt on the skin and open the pores. This will also maintain blood flow.