Adopt these methods and keep your newborn always healthy

Adopt these methods and keep your newborn always healthy

It is the responsibility of every parent to take care of the health of their child and to take care of the newborn is a big responsibility and care. In such a situation, it is important to know how you can take better care of your newborn. If you also want a healthy life for your child, then take special care of these things.

How to handle a newborn-  Newborn babies are very delicate and soft. Therefore, a lot of care and proper way to handle them should be taken For this, wash the hand thoroughly with an anti-septic sanitizer liquid before lifting the newborn in the lap so that the child is not at risk of infection. It is important to take care of cleanliness. A newborn's immunity system is weaker than that of a larger one. The bones of children are also very fragile, so while raising the child, hold the head and neck properly and support them. Newborns cannot handle many of their body's activities themselves, so they need support. As long as the child is in the lap, keep full attention on his movement and change the position accordingly.

Protect the newborn from any shock -  Never move or shake the newborn vigorously. A study has revealed that doing so increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) on children. This causes blood to seep into the baby's head and can also cause death. On the other hand, if you want to wake the child from sleep, then a better way is to cut a little twitch in his leg.

Breastfeeding Method (breastfeeding) -  Only mother's milk is the best diet for the newborn. Immediately after delivery, mother's milk is yellowish and thick and it enhances the immunity of the baby. At the same time, it is important for the infant and mother to be in the right position for breastfeeding. Mother should lift the baby in both arms and turn her entire body towards you. After this, breastfeed. Keep one thing in mind while breastfeeding. Do not apply the baby too hard on your chest. Doing so can suffocate him. The child breathes and exits through the nose while breastfeeding because his mouth is closed. In this case, his nose holes should not be closed or else he will have trouble breathing.

Feeding from the bottle (bottel feeding) -  If you cannot breastfeed, feed the baby with a bottle of baby food or powdered milk. In this too, you need to take many precautions. It is important to give the right amount of powdered milk to your baby. Read the instructions written on the milk box properly and give milk accordingly. Also, wash the milk bottle with feed water before feeding it. A bottle that is not cleaned with boiled water or mixing the wrong amount of milk powder can make a child sick.

Have your baby bottle feeding every three hours or if you feel hungry. Don't forget to keep the remaining milk in the bottle in the freeze and do not drink the same milk again. Each time drink only freshly made milk. Always feed your baby with a bottle at a 45 degree angle. Keep in mind that the child is not sucking air when the bottle is empty.

Food and drink-  If the mother of the newborn does not get milk, she should feed the baby with baby food, but in any case, do not accidentally put any solid food in the mouth of the baby. Do not even feed the baby until he is 6 months old. By giving solid food or water till 6 months of age, the health of the child can be deteriorated, which can also threaten his life. Apart from this, if his mother is breastfeeding a newborn, then the mother should also take care of her food. What the mother eats, the newborn gets through breastfeeding. A research has revealed that if the mother eats bitter gourd, then her baby may get bitter milk during lactation. If you are breastfeeding, do not eat anything upside down. Eat more of lentils and eat nutritious food.

Keep these things in mind while sleeping- It is necessary to keep the newborn wrapped in soft and warm clothes. This makes the child feel very safe and it is also important because newborns feel cold. Keep the baby wrapped in clothes for 0-2 months, but keep in mind that you do not wear too much clothes for the newborn. This will make him feel hot too which can reach his mind and put his life in danger. The newborn rests only after sleeping for 16 to 20 hours. It is very important for the child to get proper sleep. Also try to put the baby to sleep without pillows, but if you are putting a pillow under his head, then he should be very light and soft. Also, the child's head should not remain in the same place on the pillow for much longer. Also some children stay awake overnight and sleep all day. In such a situation, put the child to complete darkness at night time.

Under what circumstances, consult a doctor immediately -  if your baby is breastfeeding for a long time, he may wet the diaper 6 to 8 times throughout the day and it may cause a stomach upset. But it is important to know at what time you need to contact the doctor. If the child wet the diaper more than four times, take him to the doctor immediately. Apart from this, diseases like neonatal and pneumonia are easily affected. If you see the baby crying over a limit, consult your doctor immediately.