A wonderful experience to see the Chitrakot and Handwara Waterfalls, called Niagara of India

A wonderful experience to see the Chitrakot and Handwara Waterfalls, called Niagara of India

In a geographical area larger than Kerala, about 45 percent of the extended Bastar is forest area. Everyone gets mesmerized by the beautiful view of the waterfalls, caves, and picturesque valleys up and down here. Due to the flora, streams, lakes, caves, and caves, this land, which is full of tribal culture, attracts the attention of nature lovers.

Horseshoe-shaped Chitrakot Falls is like Niagara: The horseshoe-shaped Chitrakot is the widest waterfall in the country. It is exactly like Niagara Falls. There is a steady flow of tourists throughout the year. During the rainy days, the crowd of tourists looks eager to see the beautiful view of the waterfall and capture it on the camera.

Handwara of Bahubali film: Handwara Falls is the highest waterfall in the state. The waterfall falls from a height of five hundred feet amidst the dense forest. There is a scene of this beautiful waterfall in the movie Bahubali.

300 feet step by step in Tirathgarh: The beauty of Tirathgarh Falls is also beautiful. By reaching here, the tourists experience an unforgettable thrill. Here nature gives a chance to enjoy the waterfall step by step. If you do not encroach on the boundary of the stream, then you can see the panoramic view of the waterfall by going up to 300 feet below the stairs. The stream falling from the moon-shaped hill makes milky foam. It is believed that thousands of years ago, due to the depression created by the earthquake, the river sank downwards. That is why this step-like valley and waterfall were created.

These are the major waterfalls of Bastar: There are seven districts in the Bastar division and there are more than a hundred small and big waterfalls. Among these, are Chitrakote, Tirathgarh, Kangerdhara, Chitradhara, Mahadev Ghoomar, Tamdaghumar, Gupteshwar, and Handwara, Charre-Marre, Login-Baga, Bijaksa, Malajkundam, Khushail, Phulpad, Lankapalli, Madwa, Manager, and Begum, etc.

Caves that can be reached after rain: Kanger Ghati National Park is 30 km from Jagdalpur. Here is the third longest abstract natural cave in Asia. Apart from this, caves like Kotamsar, Aranyak, etc. are quite popular. Entry to the caves is restricted during the monsoon season. From October to the end of May, there is an exemption to go here.

How to reach: Bastar divisional headquarters Jagdalpur is connected by air, rail, and road. Regular air service is available from Delhi and Raipur to Jagdalpur. There is a daily train service from Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar to Jagdalpur. Taxis are easily available from Jagdalpur to reach these tourist places.

Accommodation: Jagdalpur is the divisional headquarters and largest city of Bastar. There are good hotels to stay in here. There are also rest houses of the Tourism Board and Public Works Department in Chitrakot. A home stay facility is also available near major tourist places. There is a camping facility at the other end of the Chitrakote Falls, where one can stay overnight and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. The view of the waterfall can be taken at night by staying in the resthouse of the tourism department.