Coronavirus cases in Russia reach 658 after biggest daily rise: Government

Coronavirus cases in Russia reach 658 after biggest daily rise: Government

The number of recorded coronavirus cases in Russia reached 658 on Wednesday, each day after the mayor of Moscow told President Putin that the important scale of the matter within the Moscow far exceeded official figures.

The number of cases in Russia increased by 163 overnight, the most important at some point rise thus far , the government’s official coronavirus website showed. Most cases, 410, were in Moscow.

Data showed that cases had been discovered in 55 different regions overall, that 29 people had recovered from the virus, which nobody had died. a lady who tested positive for the virus died earlier this month, but authorities blamed a grume at the time.

The city of Moscow changed its coronavirus testing system in the week , something likely to steer to more cases being recorded.

Samples were previously sent to a lab in Siberia for a second round of testing to verify a positive result received during tests conducted in labs within the capital, the city’s coronavirus response headquarters said during a statement on Monday. That practice has now been discontinued.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, an in depth Putin ally, told the Russian leader on Tuesday that a significant situation was unfolding within the capital which the important number of cases was unclear but was increasing quickly.

Testing for the virus was scarce, said Sobyanin, and lots of Muscovites coming back from abroad were self-isolating reception or in holiday cottages within the countryside, and not being tested.

Reuters reported earlier this month that a reported sharp increase in pneumonia cases in Moscow and contradictory information round the issue was fuelling fears about the accuracy of official coronavirus data which remains much less than many European countries.

Russia has taken a raft of measures to undertake to limit the spread of the virus, including partially closing its 4,300 km (2,670 mile) border with China and banning the entry of all foreign nationals.

The Russian government on Tuesday told regional authorities to shut nightclubs and cinemas. Citizens aged over 65 have also been asked to stay reception to limit their exposure to the virus.