Corona killed the President of this country? Government is denying opposition's claim

Corona killed the President of this country? Government is denying opposition's claim

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. Along with the common people, this virus has also targeted officers and leaders. Meanwhile, for the first time, unconfirmed information about the death of the President of a country is coming out. In fact, Burundi President Pierre Encurunziza died on Monday. It is said that Pierre, who is interested in sports, was suddenly deteriorated on Saturday, after which he was taken to the hospital. However, he mysteriously died on Monday. The government says that Pierre's life has been caused by a heart attack, while some reports say that he died of corona.

Significantly, Pierre, who has been taking charge as the President of Burundi for the last 15 years, visited a volleyball match on Saturday. Here, he suddenly felt sick and was rushed to the hospital. According to the government statement, there was some improvement in his condition on Sunday, but on Monday, his condition suddenly worsened and he died due to heart attack. The statement also stated that Pierre died suddenly. Given this, some people have feared the President's death from Corona.

Why do people suspect the President's corona is affected?
In fact, President Pierre in Burundi also refused to impose a lockdown or temporary ban despite Corona's case appearing. In such a situation, events and political rallies related to sports were going on all over the country. An unconfirmed report claimed that Pierre's wife had already suffered corona, due to which she had left the country 10 days earlier and gone to Nairobi, Kenya for treatment.

Earlier Burundi officials also targeted President Pierre for not taking the Corona infection seriously. Let us tell that 1 lakh 97 thousand people have been infected in the African continent, while more than 5 thousand people have lost their lives. So far 83 cases have been reported in Burundi. But despite this, government officials allowed people to go out without any fear.

Pierre Encurunziza
Pierre, who was to leave the presidency in August, was to leave the post in August this year after being President for 15 years. After retirement, he was going to get 5 lakh 40 thousand dollars and a luxury villa. However, Pierre died before that. He graduated in sports education before becoming president and was an assistant teacher at the University of Burundi.