1986 murder of former Swedish PM Palme might also be close to being solved

1986 murder of former Swedish PM Palme might also be close to being solved

The unsolved murder of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was once shot dead 34 years in the past in downtown Stockholm, may be a step closer being solved.

The case’s chief prosecutor, Krister Petersson, says he is “positive about being capable to current what took place and who is responsible for it.”

“My purpose is to existing (a cost in the case) in the first 1/2 of 2020,” Petersson advised Swedish broadcaster SVT on Tuesday. “I am optimistic. We have labored hard, and we have leads in which we believe a lot.”

Asked whether the investigation had gotten closer to solving the case, Petersson responded “in my opinion, yes.”

Petersson who didn’t name any suspect or give any date for announcing a charge, stated the case otherwise would be closed.

Palme was once gunned down Feb. 28, 1986, after he and his spouse Lisbeth Palme left a film theater in Stockholm.

She was once injured in the attack and later recognized the shooter as crook Christer Pettersson, who used to be convicted of Palme’s murder. The sentence used to be later overturned, leaving the homicide an unsolved mystery.

It is a coincidence that the names of the chief prosecutor and the fundamental suspect who later died, are similar.

The murder startled the kingdom and is shook the Scandinavian county’s image as a state so safe and peaceful that politicians ought to wander around in public besides protection.

Immediately after he was once killed 30 years ago, thousands of startled Swedes flooded the scene of his dying with purple roses, a image of Palme’s Social Democratic Party, building a meter-high wall of flowers.