To stay fit and fine in winter, this exercise of just 10 minutes a day is enough.

To stay fit and fine in winter, this exercise of just 10 minutes a day is enough.

With the onset of winter, it becomes very difficult to maintain fitness. Finding time for exercise is an even bigger challenge and distance from workouts for a long time can cause obesity as well as many other problems. So what to do so that you can stay away from these problems and stay fit….So the easiest way is to walk. Yes, with just a 10-minute walk daily, you can stay fit and fine even in winter.

benefits of a daily walk
1. Bones stay healthy

Walking on a daily basis can get rid of knee pain that occurs with increasing age. Sitting, lying down, and reducing physical activity gradually cause knee damage. So walking can reduce this risk. Especially for patients suffering from osteoporosis, it is very beneficial to walk regularly.

2. Mood remains happy

People who walk daily are not only healthy in the heart but also in the mind. Walking in the morning provides fresh oxygen to the brain, which relieves stress and depression.

3. Freedom from diseases

Taking daily walks reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems to a great extent. Walking is a very beneficial activity not only for the elderly to the youth, and even for children. Older people can walk for only one hour a week, then they can remain healthy for a long time.

essential travel rules

Go on a walk with your peers. It will not make walking boring.

Walk in a place which is near home.

Carry a water bottle and light snacks with you during your walk.

Do not walk in a bumpy place.

Always wear the right size shoes for walking.

For walking, do not wear too tight clothes or too loose.

- Take care of temperature and pollution.