Cases of XBB increasing in the country

Cases of XBB increasing in the country

The threat of corona still persists around the world. These days Omicron's new subtype or substrain XBB is causing trouble. It has reached India from Singapore. The highest number of cases have been found in Tamil Nadu, while it has knocked in a total of nine states.

In the last 24 hours, 1600 new cases of corona have been reported in the country. At the same time, talking about the XBB strain, till 23 October, 380 cases had been reported. These are increasing continuously. The infection of XBB is highest in Tamil Nadu.

The Munich-based organization Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data' (GISAID) is constantly monitoring changes in the coronavirus. The organization says that till last week, 380 cases of Omicron's XBB sub-variant had been found in India.

A maximum of 175 cases were found in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is at the fore in the case of the XBB strain. So far 175 cases have been registered in the state, while West Bengal is second with 103 cases. The first case of the XBB sub-variant was reported in Bengal itself.

Knocking of three forms of XBB in these nine states
There are also three sub-forms of XBB. They have been identified as XBB.1 to XBB.3. Out of the 380 cases found in India, the highest 68.42 percent cases are of the XBB.3 sub-variant. Similarly, 15 percent of the cases are of XBB.2 and 2.36 percent of the cases are of XBB.1.
Various forms of XBB sub-strain have knocked in nine states of the country. 175 cases have been found in Tamil Nadu, 103 in West Bengal, 35 in Odisha, 21 in Maharashtra, 18 in Delhi, 16 in Puducherry, 9 in Karnataka, 2 in Gujarat, and 1 in Rajasthan.

XBB strain deceives prey, threatens a new wave
The World Health Organization (WHO) is also concerned about Omicron's new subform XBB. The organization's chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan says that all these variants infect the person by cheating the body's immune system. Along with this, he also warned of a new wave of corona in some countries. More than 300 sub-variants of Corona remain a matter of concern. The XBB variant is the most lethal of these.
He said that we have seen many lethal corona variants before, but this can be dominated by XBB antibodies. Due to this, the corona wave may come again in some countries. Apart from this, we are also looking at BA 5 and BA 1. Both these variants are also more lethal.