14 per cent of India’s under-five deaths thanks to pneumonia: Report

14 per cent of India’s under-five deaths thanks to pneumonia: Report

Fourteen per cent of under-five deaths in India — approximately 1,27,000 deaths annually — happen thanks to pneumonia. In 2013, this figure was about 1,78,000.

It is estimated that half these deaths are within the northern belt of the country. the present pneumonia deathrate is five per 1,000 live births and therefore the target is to scale back this to but three by 2025, says a report released before the first-ever global forum on childhood pneumonia in Barcelona from January 29 to 31.

According to a modelling by Johns Hopkins University, scaling up pneumonia treatment and prevention services can save the lives of three .2 million children under the age of 5 the planet over. it might also create ‘a ripple effect’ that might prevent 5.7 million extra child deaths from other major childhood diseases at an equivalent time, underscoring need for integrated health services.

Henrietta Fore, executive of UNICEF, said: “If we are serious about saving the lives of youngsters , we've to urge serious about fighting pneumonia. because the current coronavirus outbreak shows, this suggests improving timely detection and prevention. It means making the proper diagnosis and prescribing the proper treatment. It also means addressing the main causes of pneumonia deaths like malnutrition, lack of access to vaccines and antibiotics, and tackling the harder challenge of pollution .”

Outdoor pollution contributes to 17.5 per cent — or nearly one in five —pneumonia deaths among children under five worldwide, consistent with a study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Household pollution from the indoor use of solid cooking fuels contributes to a further 1,95,000 (29.4 per cent) deaths.