Kumail Nanjiani: The Eternals is that the most sci-fi of all Marvel films

Kumail Nanjiani: The Eternals is that the most sci-fi of all Marvel films

Actor Kumail Nanjiani, who is a component of the star-studded cast of Marvel Studio’s The Eternals, says the large budget superhero saga gave him the sensation of performing on a independent movie.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the large Sick star called the film an epic project that eclipses all of the opposite Marvel superhero films made till date.

It’s really, really an epic. And it’s really such a science-fiction story. It’s a superhero story, but in some ways, it’s the foremost sci-fi of all the Marvel movies and it’s the foremost epic of all the Marvel movies.

And the story spans thousands of years. So it’s really not like all of the opposite Marvel movies, Nanjiani said.

The story of The Eternals is about many years ago when the cosmic beings referred to as the Celestials genetically experimented on humans to make super-powered individuals referred to as the Eternals along side the villainous Deviants.

The film, being directed by Chloe Zhao, also will feature Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Brian Tyree Henry, Gemma Chan and Kit Harington.

Nanjiani, 41, said despite being a superhero movie mounted on an enormous scale, the film sometimes found as alittle budget film.

Making this massive movie in many important ways still seems like you’re making an independent movie, within the sense that it really seems like a family and it seems like it’s really about characters and relationships and really small moments.

So while you've got certain scenes where you’re hanging abreast of a wire fighting bad guys and you've got of these superpowers, the remainder of it does desire you’re making something really small, the actor said.

The Eternals is scheduled to be released in November this year.